The Tarot is a card reading system based on the knowledge and interpretation of its symbology that dates back centuries and allows us to know, interpret, analyze and have new perspectives on different aspects of our life or on a specific event. It is to know to decide.

The tarot according to the type of reading can be therapeutic or predictive or a combination of both in a single session.


It consists of a Tarot cards reading that serves as a tool for the inner knowledge of the consultant that helps him to grow as a person, to face conflicts and to find his own balance as a being.

During the consultation there is a dialogue focused on the objectivity and clarity of the facts about the life of the consultant and the aspects that he wants to improve. In these sessions there are no predictions. The reading is based on improving the aspects of the life of the person and the knowledge for the resolution of conflicts. Confidentiality and reservation.


It is a reading of Tarot cards to consult on any past, present and future events and even on supposed situations not real.

For example, are you interested in knowing how your life would have been with this or that person or if you had taken this decision? Well with the tarot we can see it. Queries and questions about every aspect of the life of the consultant and the people that the consultant wants to know. Confidentiality and reservation.



A fascinating reading that combines Tarot and Astrology for an integral vision of a situation.

(You need to know your birth time).

50 minute session

Applies for online sessions, by phone and face to face in my studio located in Lima, Peru, by appointment.


A full and comprehensive reading of Tarot that will give you the necessary tools to know and decide on many aspects of your life that concern you today.

50-minute session

Applies for online sessions, by phone and face to face in my office located in Lima-Peru by appointment.


Do you have a friends meeting at home or a party and want to pleasantly surprise your guests?

You can perfectly schedule a tarot reading service for your party or meeting. The service has a total duration of 1 hour and your guests can make their Tarot questions.

It can be held in the host’s home in Lima (Perú) or online by Skype.