This document describes the “General Terms and Conditions” and the “Privacy Policies” applicable to access and use the services offered by www.nanagalvez.com on the website www.www.anagalvez.com (hereinafter the website ) and / or other domains related to it.

Any person who wishes to access, subscribe and / or perform any operation through the website may do so by subjecting to the General Terms and Conditions described therein, showing their full compliance with all the policies and principles of www.nanagalvez.com shown there. .

Consequently, all visits, contracts and transactions made on the website will be subject to its rules and subject to the applicable legislation in Peru.

The terms and conditions contained in the website will be applied in their entirety and without any distinction to all acts and contracts that are executed or concluded through the offer and marketing systems included in it.

Any person who does not accept these general terms and conditions, which are mandatory and binding, must refrain from using the services of this website.

The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policies of the website as well as in the other documents incorporated by reference, prior to registration on the website and / or to the acquisition of products and / or delivery of any data for any purpose.

If the user made use of the website by registering their data, acquiring any product and / or provided any type of information, this will imply full acceptance of the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Policies of the same.

For such use of the website and / or its services, the user will be obliged to expressly comply with them, not being able to claim ignorance of such General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The Services are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract. People who do not have that capacity and minors cannot use the services. The acts that they perform on the website will be the full responsibility of their parents, guardians, guardians or curators and therefore will be considered performed by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have. Anyone who registers or registers a user as a company must have the capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind it in the terms of this Agreement.

It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all its fields with valid data to be able to acquire products and services thereof as well as access promotions.

The future user must complete the registration form with his personal information in an exact, precise and true way (“Personal Data”) and assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. www.nanagalvez.com may use various means to identify its buyers, but is NOT responsible for the certainty of the Personal Data provided by its buyers.

Users guarantee and respond, in any case, the accuracy, veracity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered.

If fraudulent and / or malicious use is verified or suspected and / or contrary to these terms and conditions and / or contrary to good faith, www.nanagalvez.com will have the final right to remove the credits, unsubscribe the user and until prosecuting offenders. www.nanagalvez.com reserves the right to request some proof and / or additional data in order to corroborate the Personal Data, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend those Users whose data could not be confirmed. In these cases of disqualification, www.nanagalvez.com may cancel the purchase made of the product or service, without generating any right to compensation, payment and / or compensation.

The User will be responsible for all operations carried out during the session. www.nanagalvez.com reserves the right to refuse any registration or purchase request, to cancel a previously accepted registration or purchase, without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without generating any right to compensation or compensation. www.nanagalvez.com is limited to providing the services purchased by the user through the web.

To use and / or buy the products and services offered by
www.nanagalvez.com and its related sites, Users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed maintaining high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological.

Your personal information will never be disclosed. We guarantee our confidentiality and absolute reservation on the reasons and your questions. For more information of the privacy of Personal Data and cases in which personal information will be disclosed, you can consult our Privacy Policies. Likewise, we remind our customers that when making one or more purchases in our virtual store, www.nanagalvez.com may send emails with the information of their orders and / or purchases, binding information about our products and / or services.

www.nanagalvez.com may modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time by making the modified terms public on the Site. All modified terms will come into effect 2 (two) days after publication.

Within 5 (five) days after the publication of the modifications introduced, the User must communicate by e-mail if he does not accept them, in this case the contractual link will be dissolved and will be disabled as a user.

Once this period has expired, the User will be deemed to accept the new terms and the contract will continue to bind both parties.

In the contracts offered through this website, www.nanagalvez.com will inform, unequivocally and easily accessible, the steps that must be followed to enter into transactions and will inform, when applicable, if the electronic document in which the contract is formalized will be filed and if this will be accessible to the consumer.

Just following the steps to make a purchase on the website is equivalent to accepting that indeed www.nanagalvez.com has complied with the conditions contained therein. It will also indicate its address and / or email address and the technical means available to the consumer to identify and correct errors in the shipment or in its data.

The products and services offered on this website, unless a different form is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain goods or services, can only be paid with the means that in each case are specifically indicated.

The use of credit cards will be subject to what is established in the Terms and Conditions of the website, and to what is agreed in the respective Contracts as well as in the relevant legal regulations on the subject.

To a greater extent, in the case of bank cards accepted on this website, the aspects related to it, such as the date of issuance, expiration, quota, blockages, etc., will be governed by the respective contract.
Certain conditions of purchase may be indicated on the website according to the means of payment used by the user.
www.nanagalvez.com may grant a discount that Users may discount on their purchase.

In each case www.nanagalvez.com will unilaterally determine the maximum amount of discount that the User may use in a purchase and will detail it in the system, prior to starting the payment process.


  • The products and services offered on the web are exclusive for online purchases, if you wish to purchase it in another way please request it to our phone via WhatsApp call or chat at +51 969333640 or email nana@nanagalvez.com
  • Sessions cannot be canceled and there will be no refund, but you can reschedule your session 24 hours before the date.
  • Sessions can be rescheduled only twice if not, you will lose your session and the money will not be refundable.
  • 100% accuracy of reading services are not guaranteed.
  • You agree to indemnify absolutely and disclaim www.nanagalvez.com, before your heirs, family members, agents or assignees in perpetuity and in all known and unknown universes.
  • Any information, communication and / or consultation with the tarot, astrology or holistic services of www.nanagalvez.com is for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only.
  • No tarot reading, or astrology or holistic service given by www.nanagalvez.com are intended to cure diseases and should never replace professional services, including, but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, commercial and / or psychological services.
  • www.nanagalvez.com accepts no responsibility for any action and / or decision that a client chooses to take based on their consultation or purchase of our services offered on this website www.nanagalvez.com
  • All services offered by our website www.nanagalvez.com are for entertainment purposes only.
  • Purchases made on the website are not subject to cancellations or fees.
  • All images or photos of all products displayed on the web are referential.

Through our website, you can make your purchases 24 hours a day and 365 days a year from anywhere in the world; however, you should consider the following things:
a) Purchases made on the next business day will be considered:
a.1). Purchases made between 5:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m.) and until 11:59 p.m. (11:59 p.m.), both times include Peru time.
a.2) Purchases made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
b). The deadline for the realization of the purchased service is counted since www.nanagalvez.com has validated the purchase and the payment method used, and it is considered at least 1 business day for the fulfillment of said period.

The period of validity of the price or promotions is that indicated on the website that coincides with the effective date indicated in the promotion or until the quantities of products and / or services available for that promotion are duly informed to the Consumer. www.nanagalvez.com may modify any information contained in the website, including those related to products, photographs, images, services, prices, stocks and conditions, at any time and without prior notice, until the moment prior to purchase and / or user acquisition.

The promotions offered on this website are not necessarily the same as those offered in other sales channels used by www.nanagalvez.com, such as physical or other points, unless expressly stated or in the advertising that is made For each promotion.

The terms and conditions will be interpreted according to Peruvian laws. If any provision of this agreement presents any void, or for any reason is unenforceable, it must be interpreted within the framework of the agreement and the law and in any case will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining remaining clauses.