Medical Biomagnetism


It is a therapeutic system developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán in 1988 in which magnets are used to combat parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other germs that are the cause of various diseases. This method is curative, scientific and preventive, based on a Western philosophy. The disease is located in the organ or tissue by an imbalance between positive and negative charges. If the ionic alteration is corrected, the problem disappears, since it returns to the point of equilibrium of the organ in question. This therapy allows to diagnose and treat infectious and dysfunctional diseases thanks to which it promotes the process of homeostasis (ability of the body to keep all its functions in balance).


Benefits of Biomagnetism Therapy: Restores all the glandular, functional and organic functions of the body. It allows the detection of the type of external agent causing discomfort, symptom or disease and treat it to eradicate it and return the balance for the restoration of health. Neutralizes the Ph of the body and facilitates the elimination of toxins.


Precautions: It is not used in people with pacemakers or metal implants implanted in the body or during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is not used in cases of chemotherapy and radiotherapy until after one year of both treatments. It does not replace medical treatment or medication.


Duration of the session: First session: 90 minutes. / Subsequent sessions: 30 minutes.


Recommendations to attend the Medical Biomagnetism session: come with no jewelry, no watch, keep the cell phone in mute, wear comfortable and loose clothes, pants without belt, preferably white clothing or light colors (avoid black, red, gray, brown), wear closed shoes, well attached to the foot and with a heel of 3 cms. The patient is advised to keep the eyes closed during the session.