I am a tarotist, tarot teacher, holistic therapist and a passionate eternal student of astrology and metaphysics.
I was born in Lima, Peru in 1978 and from a very young age I experienced special connections with  different kinds of energies… a curiosity and innate gratitude for the universe.

For over 8 years I worked leading important marketing areas because I am a journalist and marketer by profession, but my real passion is THIS, the one that I allow myself to share with you and use the universe’s energy for the sake of a lot of people like you, that need it and without knowing it are looking for it.

I attend remote consultations from anywhere in the world via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or by phone and also in person in my studio located in Lima, Peru.

Master Teacher in Magnified Healing® First Phase (Madrid)

Therapist certified in Solar Codes (Madrid)

Reiki Master with Reiki Master Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho (Madrid)

Therapist certified in Medical Biomagnetism (Peru)

Therapist certified in Bioenergetics (Peru)

Quartz and crystal therapist (crystal therapy)

Therapist certified in Bioneuroemotion® (Enric Corbera Institute, Barcelona)

Radiesthetic techniques (pendulum and rods)

Magnetotherapy techniques

Tarot reader and Tarot teacher

Speaker guest at international Tarot congresses: Barcelona, Spain 2020 and Cali, Colombia 2020