It is an alternative therapy in which magnets are used for the treatment of pain, inflammation and certain diseases. The magnet is placed on the affected part of the body so that the magnetic energy in that area is rearranged thus restoring health and relieving pain.


Benefits of therapy Magnetotherapy: improves blood circulation and oxygen transport to cells thus producing an alkalizing effect. Accelerates tissue regeneration. Helps to improve and regulate glandular functions. It reduces inflammation and pain, induces sleep and a pleasurable state of physical and mental relaxation.


Precautions: it is not used in people with pacemakers or metal implants implanted in the body, nor pregnant women. In case of having a tumor or chemotherapy or radiotherapy it is best to first perform a Medical Biomagnetism consultation. It does not replace medical treatment or medication.


Duration of the session: 30 to 40 minutes.


Recommendations to attend the session of magnetotherapy: come without jewels, no watch, keep the cell phone in mute, wear loose and comfortable clothes, pants without belt, preferably white clothes or light colors (avoid black, red, gray, brown), wear white cotton socks or plush and comfortable shoes. The patient can choose to remove or not the shoes. The patient is advised to keep the eyes closed during the session.