Crystals Therapy


It is a complementary therapy that is used to balance the energy points of the body (chackras) with quartz and stones. The chackras reflect characteristics of the organism as if it were a map and provide data about the episodes lived throughout our existence that are registered in our energy field as “impressions” or marks. These “impressions” interfere with our emotional health manifesting at the physical level, sometimes through illnesses and / or discomforts such as insomnia, gastritis, headache, fatigue, etc.


Benefits of Crystal therapy: Relaxation, lessening the feeling of anxiety, improved sleep, reduces the feeling of fatigue, balances and unlocks all your energy centers and cleans your auric field.


Precautions: There are no contraindications or interactions with other treatments or medicines. It does not replace medical treatment or medication.


Recommendations to attend the session of crystals: come without jewels, no clock, keep the cell phone in mute, wear comfortable and loose clothes, pants without belt, preferably white clothes or light colors (black, red, gray, brown), wear white cotton socks or plush and comfortable shoes. The patient can choose to remove or not the shoes.


Duration of the session: 40 minutes.


Description of a session: Patient dressed in his own comfortable clothes and lying on his back on the treatment couch, dim light in the mood, relaxation music, incense aroma. A pendulum is tracked over your energy centers (chakras) to make a diagnosis of them. After that the therapist explains to the patient about the state in which he has found each of his chakras, which ones have been blocked or not, and the possible origin of that blockage. Next, place the stones on and around the patient’s body using in each zone different stones and quartz as appropriate for the diagnosis. If the patient experiences cold during the session it is sheltered with a delicate blanket. The patient is advised to keep the eyes closed during the session. At the end of the session, the energy centers are again tracked with the pendulum to evaluate the effect of the crystals and whether or not the patient requires another session.