Solar Codes Therapy


It is an alternative therapy, new and quite recent based on quantum physics in which the cosmic power of the sun is invoked and used as a healing tool to reduce and / or cancel physical discomfort or pain from very mild to very acute. It consists of a non-invasive technique applicable to all kinds of discomforts, diseases or physical and mental illnesses. It is used for cases of certain mental and / or psychological disorders, senile dementia, shock, loss of a loved one, pain of joints, punctual physical pains. This therapy can be performed at a distance without the physical presence of the patient.


Benefits of Solar Codes Therapy: Restores glandular, functional and organic functions of the body. Reduces or eliminates physical aches and pains.


Precautions: There are no contraindications. It does not replace medical treatment or medication.


Duration of the session: 25-35 minutes.


Recommendations to attend the Solar Codes session: come with no jewelry, no watch, keep the cell phone in mute, wear comfortable and loose clothes, pants without belt, preferably white clothes or light colors (avoid black, red, gray, brown), wear white socks. The patient is advised to keep the eyes closed during the session.