Reiki is an ancestral Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and balance. Reiki energy isn’t complicated and doesn’t require anything more than someone trained to allow it to flow and someone who wants to receive, so it is ideal as a complement to traditional medicine, alternative medicine techniques or by itself. Since the client is fully dressed and doesn’t have to talk or know exactly where any issues might lie within the body for the energy to flow to where it is needed. It can be performed at a distance even without the patient physical presence.


Benefits: Energy balance for general well-being. Relief and healing of old and recent emotional wounds, dissolves sentimental bonds. Improves mood, revitalizes. Release of toxic energies and loads. Pain reduction, faster and less painful postoperative recovery, reduces undesirable side effects of medications, improves concentration, reduces stress and anxiety. Develop compassion and love.


Precautions: People with pacemakers or other implants can receive Reiki but with imposition of hands within 10 cm of where the pacemaker is. Reiki is not applied in case of direct rupture of bones or open wounds, nor during surgery (can be given before or after) since it could intervene in the effects of anesthesia.


Recommendations to attend the Reiki session: come with no jewelry, no clock, keep the cell phone mute, wear comfortable clothes, loose, pants without belt, preferably white clothes or light colors (black, red, gray, brown), wear white cotton socks or plush.


Duration of the session: between 30 and 45 minutes.