Bioenergetic divorce


For two people who have been partners and need to separate, not only physically but also at the level of energy. The energy bond that united them must be cut, this link must fade between them because otherwise they will still be united and this will make them constantly think and dream about the ex and want to know about the other. Has it happened to you that you no longer love the other person but you remember him/her, he/she comes to your mind or you have difficulty in establishing a new relationship? So what you need is to cut the energy bond between them and heal the wounds in your auric field that left that relationship.

The energy divorce takes place in 3 or 6 sessions of 40 minutes each and the number of sessions depends on how complex and deep the relationship was and how traumatic the separation was. It can be done to both people or only one of them that will be equally effective to cut the link from himself to the other. It can be done remotely or in person.