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It is an informative and therapeutic diagnostic test that will be very helpful for the patient so tha the/ she finds and knows the answers to many questions about his/her current and past life. This is done by bringing to a conscious plane the information that was hidden, the patient’s emotions, thoughts and energy which are restored and balanced in order to regain physical, mental and emotional well-being. Through this session you can know what damaged or blocked a person, the color of the aura, the size, the shape of the aura, whether there are traumas imprinted on the soul, personal or family karma, past lives, etc. Certain physical aspects such as the patient’s breathing are worked so that he can connect with his contained emotions or tensions, release them and restore their flow of interrupted or limited life energy. Those who have received this therapy report a positive effect on their energy, mood, interpersonal relationships and work. It can be performed at a distance even without the patient physicall presence.


Benefits of Bioenergetics therapy: It helps the person to bring to a conscious level past life experiences that could be the cause of current blockages, difficulties or diseases. It increases the vibrational state of the body, it seals the person and connects it with his conscience, sharpens the perception of one himself and improves the ability to express everything that we have content so that we can release and unblock.


Precautions: There are no contraindications or interactions with other treatments or medicines. It does not replace medical treatment or medication.


Duration of the session: Between 40 and 50 minutes.


Recommendations to attend the Bioenergetics session: come with no jewelry, no watch, keep the cell phone in mute, wear comfortable and loose clothes, pants without belt, preferably white clothes or light colors (black, red, gray, brown), and closed shoes adjusted to the foot, preferably with a slight heel of 3 cm.


It is a celebration for the union of two people who love each other and who, regardless of their religion, gender, beliefs or sex, decide by their own will to unite their lives and energies in a ritual full of ancestral elements under Celtic, Andean and bioenergetic practices using universal Reiki energy symbols. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is not opposed to a traditional marriage (civil or religious) and can be perfectly complemented by another wedding celebration. It can be done remotely or in person.


Face-to-face session price depends on where it will be held.


Get the best birthday present and receive this new life cycle with renewed energy and get safe from bad vibes and blockages. A special and very complete flowering bath that will make your new year an abundant and positive time.


Remember to request it at least 72 hours in advance.


*Does not include delivery

It is a very known ceremony in the Andean an native Indian cultures to demostrate confidence and gratitude to our Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Universe for all blessings received and for what will come. Andean and Celtic elements are used in the ceremony and the ritual is performed with an even number of assistants.


Duration: 1 hour.


Session fee: it depends on the location and the number of assistants. Please for more information contact me via Whatsapp +51969333640

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